Asphalt Paving & Grading

Asphalt is an aggregate of stone and sand, along with an emulsion of asphalt heated to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Asphalt cools rapidly and must be applied quickly. Asphalt is more flexible than concrete and thus less prone to cracking.

Asphalt Paving is seasonal work for the North East and other parts of the country that have dramatic changes between the seasons. Asphalt paving is dependent on warmer temperatures for workable conditions.

We are experts at both residential and commercial asphalt projects. Our paving services are designed to provide all-weather use for parking lots and driveways. The aesthetics of any property are enhanced by the look of professionally constructed pavement, which provides a clean, fresh surface. Benefits include improved dust control and water drainage.

We are particular about the quality of the materials we use for your project.  We only use the highest-quality components for our clients.  Additionally, we employ the strictest of standards during preparation and installation to ensure the finished product is of the highest caliber.

Tar & Chip

The term “tar and chip” is used to describe a mix of liquid asphalt and gravel. Unlike asphalt, which is premixed at an asphalt plant, the components are delivered separately and mixed on the jobsite. Most county roads are Tar & Chip.

  • Provides a beautiful rustic alternative to asphalt, with the look and feel of a country gravel road. 

  • The initial cost can be up to 40% less than a comparable asphalt installation.

  • Unlike asphalt which requires seal coating every few years, tar & chip, is virtually maintenance free, as there is never a need to seal coat. 

  • Because of its light colored stone surface, chip seal does not absorb heat like blacktop does, and stays much cooler. 

  • Life expectancy of 12-15 years, depending on the traffic and strength of the sub-base



Placing a new road or driveway can impact on the quality and lifespan of your paving job, depending on what may need to go under that roadway. If the area to be renovated is improperly elevated, is not bare or level, and not ready for paving operations, you will need an excavation crew to prepare the site. Consult with our excavation experts to get your project started today.


The milling process is the controlled removal of asphalt or concrete pavement to a predetermined depth, slope and/or specified thickness. This process is often used to improve drainage flow and remove pavement irregularities. It is also used to remove deteriorated pavements for patching, overlaying or to re-establish proper profile for the existing and/or new concrete curb and gutter.

Private driveways and lanes

Create curb appeal for your home with an asphalt or tar & chip driveway! Our asphalt paving services will add a layer of beauty and protection to your property.

We ensure only the best products are used to provide quality and durability of the pavement to goes into your home driveway or road and that meets the highest industry standards for driveway sealing and paving.

We know that the only measure of our success is the satisfaction of our customers. We are licensed, bonded and insured.


Porous asphalt

Porous asphalt pavements are of great interest to site planners and public-works departments. With the proper design and installation, orous asphalt can provide cost-effective, attractive pavements with a life span of more than twenty years, and at the same time provide storm-water management systems that promote infiltration, improve water quality, and many times eliminate the need for a detention basin. The performance of porous asphalt pavements is similar to that of other asphalt pavements. And, like other asphalt pavements, they can be designed for many situations.